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AH-1(Cobra) in Iraq AH-1 Cobra uses various weapons. You can see TOW and HF(Hellfire) anti-tank missiles in this movie.
cobra_gunship_in_iraq.avi (111MB)
ATM LOSAT(Line-of-Sight Anti-Tank Weapon) is launched from HMMWV against M60.
8276.mpeg (7MB)
AGM-158 JASSM AGM-158(JASSM) is a low-cost stealth cruise missile which US Air Force and US Navy have developed. The composite material and roundish sections give JASSM a good stealth performance. JASSM is guided by INS/GPS in most process and it is switched to an iamge IR sensor before it hits the target. The cruising speed is up to 0.9 mach, the range is more than 370km and the hit accuracy is said to be within three meters. Although JASSM is evidently superior to normal cruise missiles, it costs only $7,000,000. In order to realize this good cost performance, JASSM uses the turbojet engine which is made for Harpoon and uses the image IR sensor which is made for Javelin.
7635.mpeg (15MB)
GBU-28 Bunker Buster ("Deep Throat"): It is its first time to be used in the Gulf War. Equipped with more than 4000 lb explosive, it penetrates a concrete which is more than 10 meters thick. It is said that shells for battleships were used for Bunker Buster in its early stage.
This bomb has turned out to be GBU-39 SDB (Small Diameter Bomb). It has a small warhead which enables itself to penetrate 3 feet of steel reinforced concrete. It also has a special feature that it is guided by INS/GPS navigation system.

GBU-39SDB_1.wmv (630kB)
GBU-39SDB_2.wmv (194kB)
GBU-43 MOAB GBU-43 MOAB(Massive Ordnance Air Blast): People often call it "Mother of All Bomb". After it is dropped from C-130, guided by GPS and INS it splashes and explodes over a target. It is said that its power of explosion is second to none except nuclear bombs.

030311-d-9085m-004.mpeg (11.3MB)
XM-8 XM-8: The next generational assault rifle which will be used by US Army.

X8_1.wmv (1.4MB)
X8_2.wmv (4.2MB)
X8_3.wmv (2.3MB)
J-10/F-10 Chinese new multi-role fighter: J-10/F-10. It is said that J-10/F-10 is developed with the aid of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) which has developed "Lavi" - also a multi-role fighter which couldn't see the light of day. Some people say that the appearance of J-10/F-10 is quite similar to that of Lavi.

F-10video.wmv (2.8MB)
Routine exercises of JGSDF. They are firing rifles, anti-tank munitions and mortars.

Type89 with ScopeType89Scope.wmv(5.0MB)
Light Antitank Munitionlam.mpeg(1.3MB)
Carl Gustav84rr.mpg(3.8MB)
81mm Mortar81m.mpg(1.5MB)
120mm Mortar120m.mpeg(5.6MB)
Type90 in Yakima(USA) Type90 is a main tank of JGSDF. Here are training exercises held in Mt.Fuji and Yakima training center(USA).

Su30MK Su30MK - Its acrobatic maneuver.

M134 Mini Gun - M134



You know, famous Russian flight simulator LOMAC has released new video clips. In this video clip Su-25 fires Vikhr anti-ground missiles; Vikhr has only one mobile wing so that it rotates to hit a target and shows spiral trail.
VikhrAttack1.wmv (18.5MB)

A real movie is added. Vikhr really follows the impressive spiral trajectory.(Sep 24th, 2005)

The Fuji Synthesis Firepower Exercise in 2003. This annual exercise, held at the foot of Mt. Fuji, intends to show the firepower of Japan Ground Self-Defence Force to the public.

Naval Review A naval review held in 2003. You can see various weapons of Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force.

F-15J refueling F-15J is refueling at a aerial tanker. Strangely, Japan has been forbidding herself to have aerial tankers. For these tankers were beliebed to allow Japan to have power to invade other countries again. But at the same time, without these aerial tankers, the endurance is quite restricted for plains engaging in counter attack missions. And so Japan have decided to import three aerial tankers.

JGSDF in Iraq Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force in Iraq.

ColombianAirForce Colombian Air Force ordered a suspicious air plane to land. But the pilot doesn't respond, they started shooting the air plane.

ColombianAirForce.wmv (1.3MB)
A-10 30mm Gatling gun 30mm Gatling gun test firing.

30mm.wmv (900kB)
A-10 30mm Gatling gun A-10 uses its fearsome Gatling gun against a target.

oif_hog_over_baghdad.avi (3.3MB)
The goverment force of Côte d'Ivoire attacked French stationary troops on November the 6th, 2004. Su-25 fired rockets against French barracks emitting some flares. Nine French soldiers were killed in this attack.

A4EF5_bouake_attaque_filmee.wmv (4.2MB)

In November 2004 US Marine and Iraqi Special Force captured Falluja.
North Korean spy ship, which invaded Japanese territorial waters In 2002. The Maritime Safety Agency sent a signal to stop the ship immediately but it ignored the order and launched RPG-7 against the Japanese patrol ship. The Japanese patrol ship counterattacked immediately and the spy ship self-destructed. Longer version is added.(Nov 15th, 2004)

NorthKoreanSpyShip_short.mpeg (5.1MB)
NorthKoreanSpyShip_long.wmv (99.1MB)
You can see F/A-22 with external fuel tanks. She is also tested under any circumstances; she is given a lot of snow and rain instead of fuel.
F-22_CTF_Video1.wmv (37.6MB)
This is a rare video clip in which you can see an actual Su-35 flying in the air. The pilot shows the Cobra maneuver for several times. You can also see a 3D thrust vectoring nozzle moving back and forth. (11.8MB)
Rafale - multi role fighter. France had taken part in the Euro Fighter project but she withdrew herself from it and made the new fighter - Rafale. You can see its making and TV program.

Rafale_TV.avi (13.7MB)
Rafale_Introduction.avi (12.7MB)
Rafale_Birth.avi (28.1MB)
Rafale_Birth(HighResolution).avi (141.9MB)
Euro Fighter - Typhoon. England, Germany, Spain and Italy made Typhoon against Russian Mig29 and Su27.

Typhoon_crusing.avi (1.2MB)
One more F-35 video.

F-35_hovering.avi (1.3MB)
SLAMRAAM (Surface Launched AMRAAM) - AMRAAM anti-air missiles on HMMVW. US Army developed this system against cruise missile. US Marine also develops another system - CLAWS (Complmentary Low-Altitude Weapons System). It also carries AMRAAM with HMMVW. It seems these projects are integrated together and not only AMRAAM but also AIM-9x might be carried.
One of the freaks of LOMAC - excellent flight simulator - made this movie. Cool movie, it is worth to watch.

No_Fear.avi (102MB)
Lockheed X-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) has succeeded test flights. You can also see X-35 hovering above the ground; X-35 is an excellent VTOL jet plane.

JSF_X-35_1.mpg (66.0MB)
JSF_X-35_2.mpg (60.6MB)
JSF_X-35_3.mpg (11.2MB)
JSF_X-35_4.mpg (6.2MB)
JSF_X-35_5.mpg (11.4MB)
JSF_X-35_6.mpg (62.5MB)
JSF_X-35_7.mpg (140.6MB)
JSF_X-35_8.mpg (69.3MB)
You can see new APC testfiring various guns; anti-personnel, anti-armor and coaxial gun. Its target seems to be BTR, BMP and an unidetified tank - maybe M48 or M60. You must not be able to board these old armed cars when you see this video, I gurantee.

FirepowerMultiClip.mpg (26.9MB)
AIM-120 (AMRAAM) gets fired. First I supposed slow acceleration often with the case of many other middle range missiles. But it was completely wrong.

AIM120Supersonic.mpg (1.3MB)
amraam.mpg (7.2MB)
Aerial gunners in US Air Forces seems to be very busy. They are firing mini-gun and various guns from chopper and AC-130.

USAF-AerialGunner.wmv (5.2MB)
F-16 crashed in a air show. You can see other videos here.
y6jZSG1zATmM.wmv (2.3MB)
M-60,M-4,M-16,G-36,AK-47,MG-42,MG3,1919,USAS-12 Shotgun,Glock18C,RPD,H&K UMP,Rocky Mountain 50 Caliber. You can choose anything you want.
This video shows part of SAT's training.
In 1977, Japan was threatened with the hijack in Dhaka. The Red Army hijacked one Japanese airplane, demanded to set their members free and a ransom of 6 million dollars. The Japanese Administration took measures beyond the law, released them and pay the ransom. This enables the Red Army to spread all over the world and many countries criticized the Japanese action.
This affair taught Japan a lesson. Japan determined to build an anti-terrorist team in the police; This team is to be called SAT (Special Assault Team). It is said that members of SAT were lectured by GSG9 and SAS.
Once being a member of SAT, his name is deleted from the list of the police. One reason is to protect him from terrors. Another is a Japanese peculiar reason: to prevent him from being charged with murder when he shoots and kills terrorists; once upon a time, a police sniper who had shot and killed a seajacker was specified by a leftist lawyer and was actually charged with murder.

SAT.wmv (31.8MB)
Israeli sub-machine gun: Corner Shot. This is a completely new weapon which neck can be bent flexibly. This enables shooters to avoid exposing themselves to enemies. It may take not so long to replace rifles in every country's police with this sub-machine gun.

cornershot.wmv (11.2MB)
A film taken from one of the US air planes. File name tells this incident happened in Fallujah in Iraq. First the air plane is going to bomb a building, but suddenly the crowd got out of the building and a pilot asked to change a target on them. C.O. gave a permission to engage and the pilot set his sight on them. (Caution! It contains violence.)

CAS-1Fallujah.wmv (0.7MB)
Vehicles of US Army was ambushed. After small explosions, HMMWVs went on the counterattack but I cann't tell who is the enemy.

Ambush.wmv (4.0MB)
2000lb bomb dropped by an air plane. After its impact, a huge hole is there.
2000lbBomb.wmv (900kB)
PR video made by Korean Army. K-1 MBT and many other weapons can be seen in this video.
I am looking for RPG launched video for many years and finaly aminosan has told me it. This page seems to have trainign scene of spetsnaz, the Russian Special Forces.
These are experiments of bulletproof film. The bulletproof film has been tested against pistol, cremore, rifle and hand grenade.
Various military rifles with good condition of video and audio. You can see AR-10, minigun, M249, M60, MG42, RPD and etc.

AR10.mpg (462kB)
GE_minigun.mpg (1.8MB)
M249.mpg (500kB)
M3A1.mpg (0.5MB)
M60-02.mpg (1.6MB)
MG-42.mpg (1.1MB)
RPD.mpg (1.0MB)
There are movies of various Russian air planes and helicopters.
You can see a fullauto fire of AK74SU.
You can see various Russian rifles; Bizon, SVD, AN-94 and AK-100 series. You can also listen to fire sounds of AK100.
Is this a firing range in Finland?
A film which was taken by US air planes during WWII. You can see an air battle in Germany in the first half and in Japan in the latter half. To see this video, open the above link (sorry Japanese) and click "WWII.wmv". You can also get a shorter version (4.6MB).

WWII.wmv (20.1MB)
This is a CG movie in which M2 Heavy Barrel Machinegun is represented. You can see the mechanism in its firing: Bullets are took into its chamber and rings are removed from bullets, ejected separably. This film is a precise CG but its sound was actually recorded in a shooting range in Nevada.
AGM-130 is launched from F-15E or F/A-18. AGM-130 consists of its basic model GBU-15 which has no propelling power and rocket booster. This rocket booster enables AGM-130 to have 25nm range when launched from 25,000ft while GBU-15 has only 8nm range when dropped from the same altitude. You can also see the booster released from the AGM-130.

agm130_1.avi (2.2MB)
You can see beautiful mach corns created by F-14 and B-1B.
One scene from awesome F-14?
Training scene of F-16. It drops and launches various bombs and missiles. (141.3MB)
USAF F-15 is firing anti-air missiles against F-4(?) which is remote-controlled in its training. F-4 is launching a lot of flares to avoid the missiles.

123_FS_Archer_Video.mpeg (68MB)
Class Holland submarine, whose picture is taken about 100 years ago.
An airplane of one civil aviation, which was flying over Iraq, has been attacked by an anti-air missile. The missile hit a wing of the airplane but it could returned to the airport.

news859748_7.wmv (1.2MB)
He is shooting AK-47 in fullauto mode so much so that a barrel is burning. You have to take a rest even though it is the most tough rifle AK-47?

kcr-killtheak.mpeg (9.3MB)
High detailed slow-motion video clips of various weapons. You can really enjoy a real Matrix world!
Muslim guerilla launched SAM toward Russian Mi-24 HIND. The missile hit the top of HIND and HIND was going down.
Zero type 52 in Japanese air show.

Latest Russian anti-air unit "Tunguska". You can see other Russian weapons at
IR video taken from AC-130U in Afganistan. Is this terrorists' base? Anyway no mercy at battlefields.

AC130_GunshipMed.wmv (5.5MB)
F-14 is flying by. You can hear a shock wave, maybe beyond MACH.

F14_flyby.mpeg (941kB)
Many flares are launched from C130.

C130.mpeg (2.7MB)
Anti-Tank missile destroys M60.
Stinger You can see historical experiments of Stinger.
stinger_long.wmv (3.0MB)

Trailer for E3

Missile Trails + Explosions

Tornado, F-4E Phantom, Mirage 2000C

AGM-65B Maverick

Here are some video clips from next generation flight simulator LOMAC (Lock On: Moder Air Combat).
You can see some video clips at this site.


BMP1 starter. Look at this exhaust gas!
bmp1_1.mpeg (5.2MB)
M113 is added (Sep 25th, 2005)
M113tanska.mpg (1.4MB)

Type90 Cannon

Type90 All Fire

Type 90 : Main tank of Japan Self Defence Force (JSDF). Auto reload system enables Type 90 to omit a charger and next bullet is reloaded within 4 seconds.

Type74 Cannon1

Type74 Cannon2

Type 74 : Main tank of JSDF a generation ago.

OH-1 : Halt in the air vertically

OH-1 : Barrel Roll

OH-1: The latest observable chopper of Japan Self Defence Air Force (JSDAF). Look at this acrobatic mobility! These movies will destroy your stereotype about choppers completely!




Three anti material rifles (M82A1, M95, M99) of Barrett. Mechanical sysytem is explained in the first half and firing movie in the second half. Need DivX5 mpeg4 codec to be played.

M82 82a1[DivX5].avi (4.9MB)
M95 m95[DivX5].avi (7.1MB)
M99 m99[DivX5].avi (6.1MB)

Anti-material rifle M82A1A. Its destructive impact is too excessive to be used anti-human. M82A1A is mainly used agaist light armors and choppers.

50calt1.wmv (30.0MB)
50calboom.mpeg (4.1MB)
Full firing of GAU-8 on A-10. Great!

A-10gau-8(2).zip (3.6MB)
Mk20 Rockeye dropped from A-10.

Link -> A-10 web site.

Latest TOW? or something new ATM?
It turned out to be Javelin, completely new ATM. Javelin, launched upward, gains kinetic energy and destroys APC.

JavelinLiveFireVsT72.mpeg (4.3MB)
Javelin.mpeg (3.8MB)

stinger.mpg (1.73MB)
AK47 with dram magazines. You can also see other videos - PPSh-41, Russian submachine gun with dram magazines.

keith-ak47.mpeg (1.5MB)
ppshmgp2.mpeg (2.75MB)
M134 M134 night shoot.
nightshoot.mpeg (3.3MB)
M134 M134 from chopper.
M134_1_250k.wmv (1.9MB)
M134 loading M134 ammo loading.
AmmoUnLoad-250k.wmv (1.2MB)
AIM-9X, the latest AAM.
v2885a.wmv (7.2MB)
This is Japanese film Avalon. I refer this scene to make sounds of SHILKA/M163.
And this is the OFP world after Battlefield Insane sound pack is applied. Pay attention to Shilka and RPG especially.
A-10 is firing 30mm cannon. This sound also becomes a model of my sound pack.

a10strafe.avi (2.9MB)
It is a Skorpion which a man is firing. Does it have silencer? It's very small gunfire sounds.

scorp_vz91.mpg (0.6MB)
G3/HK79 grenade launcher (3.4MB)
G36 (3.6MB)
MP5SD (HK in OFP) (493kB)
HK79A1 grenade launcher (1.6MB)

Battlefield Insane Sound Pack : Unofficial sound pack for OFP