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website Name:website Date:2021/01/10(Sun) 17:35 No.40   HomePage

New BBS opened. Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:26 No.38   HomePage
We have moved to this new BBS.
The encode is fixed to the iso-8859-1(Latin-1) character set so that you will never be bothered to install other font sets.

The old BBS is here.

Thanks Name:Brian Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:18 No.36  
Thank you. The Link works perfect now. To be honest, there are more links which dont actually work. Not finding fault or anything, but do you want to know which ones?

Anyway, thanks again & keep posting more combat videos. THey're AWESOME. You rock.


[09/29, 2004(Wed) 17:42:47]

Link Problem Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:18 No.37  

I have fixed some link problems while other links are completely lost and I couldn't fix them.

[10/01, 2004(Fri) 00:09:25]

Link Problem in Movie Gallery
Name:Brian Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:17 No.34

I think your movie gallery is awesome. Fanstastic, and super good. But there is a problem with the American attack on Fallujah video (Its the first one on the list). Plz get back to me when you get it fixed okay ^_^? Thanks ^_^

[09/28, 2004(Tue) 23:50:16]

Re: Link Problem in Movie Gallery
Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:17 No.35

Hi Brian.
Thank you for notifying the link problem. I have just fixed it and now you can watch it.

[09/29, 2004(Wed) 14:07:38]

Good Page Name:Marcel Kohl Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:16 No.32  
you made a very god Page
and the movie section is fantastic.
Greatings from Germany
Marcel D. Kohl

[05/04, 2004(Tue) 00:19:17]

Re: Good Page Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:16 No.33  

Hi Marcel!
Thank you for your coming to this site. I'd like to keep uploading fantastic movies.

[05/04, 2004(Tue) 04:20:30]

New Sound System Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:15 No.31  
I have released Resistance Sound Project ver 1.7beta. New fullauto sound system which is based on scripts is introduce in this version. Gunshots of M2A2(25mmHE), BMP2(30mmHE&AP), Kamov(30mmHE&AP) and M-163(vulcan) are changed. I hope you enjoy this sound pack.

[04/14, 2004(Wed) 17:27:37]

videos? Name:The Brit MDS Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:14 No.29  
how did they make those videos of flashpoint game footage on there videos page? does anyone know? cos i wanna do it for a friend

[03/23, 2004(Tue) 21:21:27]

Fraps - convenient tool Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:14 No.30  

You can record videos of flashpoint game with "Fraps".


[04/01, 2004(Thu) 22:59:41]

re: server crash Name:Bordoy [SWAF] Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:13 No.27   HomePage
I know the M2A2 does and BMP maybe, not sure about any other missiles. But the M2A2 definiatly does crash the serve

If u got icq or msn messenger i can talk to you on there.

[08/02, 2003(Sat) 21:47:55]

Re: re: server crash Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:13 No.28  

Thank you, Bordoy.
Here is my ICQ information:
Name : Laitex
# : 163349386

When "Resistance Sound Project" version is earlier than 1.5, many people reported M2A2 and BMP2 missile bugs. This is because a missmatch between the original class name and my sound pack's class name.

I fixed the inconsistance and released ver 1.61. I haven't ever heard any bug reports since then. I am concerned about your "Resistance Sound Project" version. Even one people in your game server who has earlier version than or equal to 1.5, the server will be down easily. Do you have the latest verion? And if your friends also have my sound pack, are they also the latest version?

[08/03, 2003(Sun) 01:22:51]

Server crash Name:Bordoy [SWAF] Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:12 No.25  
The server still crashes when i fire missiles from veichles. I did download updates but it still happens so i curretly use BIs sounds until properly fixed.

[07/26, 2003(Sat) 01:25:39]

Re: Server crash Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:12 No.26  

Thank you Bordoy!

Could you tell me what kind of missiles caused server crush?

[07/27, 2003(Sun) 16:20:37]

Installing Battlefield Insane.
Name:Poet Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:11 No.23
Hiya, Fantastic Work!
Some of the stuff you have done with OFP will be giving me Nightmares for weeks. :)

One thing I did have a problem with was the installation.
I wasnt happy removing the original BIS sound files, and having to swap back and forth ...
so I put all the Battlefield Insane sound files into their own Mod folder and then launched OFP with the -mod=BattlefieldInsane command and it ran perfectly.
No clashes with the other files, I didnt have to back anything up, much happier with that.

I think other people might prefer to install and use this sound pack that way.
Maybe put alternative Installation instructions into the readme.txt ?

Great stuff anyhow!

[06/11, 2003(Wed) 01:31:05]

Installation Method2 is added
Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:11 No.24

Hi Poet,
I added the new install method at download page. So that everyone must be able to use this new method.

> Some of the stuff you have done
> with OFP will be giving me
> Nightmares for weeks.

Yeah! That is just what I intended as my sound pack's name goes. I am glad to hear that. Thank you for using my sound pack.

[06/22, 2003(Sun) 17:58:40]

AUG sound Name:Little Blue Assassin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:09 No.21  
I quite like your sound pack, although I replace only some of the files to create a mixed sound file. However, my hard drive had a little accident, and now you no longer have your AUG sounds available for download. I recommend that you make it available again even though the Steyr isn't part of the sound.pbo, because the way you have it now, the AUG uses the original, crappy sounds from Bohemia Interactive.

[06/09, 2003(Mon) 06:29:14]

AUG sound is available now.
Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:10 No.22

Hi Little Blue Assassin,

Now you can get exactly same AUG sounds used in "Resistance Sound Project" at "Sample sounds" page. As you said, these AUG sounds are from real SteryAUG firing sounds. I've asked people who has real SteyrAUG to record firing sounds and changing magazine sounds. This is why the AUG sound of my sound pack is realistic.

[06/22, 2003(Sun) 16:42:33]

Vet Server Admin Name:Mak90 Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:08 No.19   HomePage
nice site, stumbled onto it, searching a crack for the wss sound files. i was very suprised to see our server in your links, thanks you!

[05/03, 2003(Sat) 20:00:45]

Thank you for using my sound pack!
Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:09 No.20

Thank you, Mark90! I often visit Vet server. Nice cool CO-OP server!

Now I am a member of Battle over Hokkaido (BoH) project and make some sound FXs for BoH units. Look forward to BoH!

[05/04, 2003(Sun) 12:15:58]

Serious bugs have been found
Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:07 No.18
"Resistance Sound Project (SoundBIS.pbo)" and "Official Add-Ons Project - AH-64 (Apac.pbo)" have turned out to have serious bugs in multiplay mode. When you attend multi-server as a client and if you fire heavy grenade or missiles from BMP2/M2A2/Su-25/Apache/Kamov with these sound packs, the server will crush with high possibility.

Now bug fixed version is released. "Resistance Sound Project" increases its version to 1.5 and "Official Add-Ons Project AH-64" stops itself and is merged into "Resistance Sound Project" ver1.5. However be sure to delete Apac.pbo which has serious bug. Apac.pbo is located in /Res/AddOns/Apac.pbo. Delete this file and restore an original Apac.pbo. The original Apac.pbo can be found in your OFP:R CD-ROM or I put the original Apac.pbo into "Resistance Sound Project" ver1.5 and so you can also use it.

a) Restore original Apac.pbo
b) Update to the latest version of "Resistance Sound Project" ver1.5.
I am very sorry for this bug. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask or contuct to me.

[04/24, 2003(Thu) 22:11:30]

Projects has been rearranged
Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:07 No.17
I rearraged projects.

Heavy Armaments Project -> Basic Sound Project

Light Armaments Project & Official Add-Ons Projct(exept AH-64) -> Resistance Sound Project

Official Add-Ons Project(AH-64) -> Official Add-Ons Project

I recommend you to restore pbo files in /Res/addons/ folder. You changed them when you installed previous version of Old Official Add-Ons Project. Most of them are put in OFP:Resistance CD-ROM, but vulcan.pbo and mm-1.pbo has benn applied patch since ver1.85 and you cannot find patch-applied vulcan.pbo and mm-1.pbo in OFP:Resistance CD-ROM. So I added these patch-applied pbo files in "Resistance Sound Project" ver1.41.

[03/04, 2003(Tue) 03:09:04]

Heavy Armaments released ver1.20
Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:07 No.16
Heavy Armaments Project has released ver1.20.
A-10 engine sounds
30mm Cannon
bullet pass-by & ricochet & hit
Hand Grenade explosion
are changed.

[01/17, 2003(Fri) 22:18:58]

armaments project update Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:06 No.15  
Heavy armaments project has released ver1.13. In this version, engine sounds of Mi-24/17 is changed.

Light armaments project has also released rev1.1. FN FAL, HK G3A4, Hunting rifle, 6G30(reload) are changed.

[12/07, 2002(Sat) 20:07:57]

All projects are updated Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:05 No.14  
All projects release new versions. "Heavy Armaments Project" has released 1.12. Grenade lanch and Shilka firing sounds are changed.

"Light Araments Project" has released Revision1.0. Almost all sounds in OFP:R are improved.

"Official Add-ons Project" has released Su-25 & Mm-1.

In the "Download" page, you can see table which will guide you to easy downloads.

[11/24, 2002(Sun) 20:43:36]

gamer Name:Bowery Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:02 No.11  
I am about to try out your soundpacks. Do you advise not to once I update past 1.75?

[11/23, 2002(Sat) 05:06:36]

OFP version Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:03 No.12  

"Heavy Armaments Project" does not choose OFP version, so you can install it to any version(1.46, 1.75, 1.85) of OFP.

"Official Add-ons Project" can be installed into both 1.75 and 1.85. But official add-on "Vulcan(M-163)" has been changed in 1.85 patch, so there are two type of "Vulcan" add-on: one is for 1.75 and another is for 1.85. If you have 1.85 patch installed you can use my sound pack immediately.

p.s. Now 1.90 patch has been release. I am now checking it. So wait for a while, please.

11/23, 2002(Sat) 13:07:56]

Re: gamer Laitex@admin - 2005/01/15(Sat) 04:03 No.13  

I have prepared a table in the "Download" page. This table will tell you witch one to download. Good luck!

[11/24, 2002(Sun) 23:18:14]

Heavy Armaments Project ver1.11 & G36a Release1.1
Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:01 No.10
Heavy Armaments Project has released ver1.11. M60 is sampled from Black Hawk Down, and 120mm cannon is also refreshed.
Official Add-ons Project has released G36a Release1.1.

[11/18, 2002(Mon) 04:09:03]

M-163(Vulcan) has been released
Name:Laitex@admin Date:2005/01/15(Sat) 04:01 No.9
M-163(Vulcan) has been released. Be carefull. There are two packages: one is "FULL" package and other is "LITE" package. The difference is that full package has a reverb, but my weak power PC generates breaks between fires. On the other hand "lite" package has no break between fires, but instead it has no reverb.

Here are sample sounds;
Full package sample sound
Lite package sample sound

If you have fast CPU, you may have no problem with "full package".

[11/09, 2002(Sat) 18:20:04]
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